Are you ... looking for your own master's thesis' project?

  • ... know about microsystem technology (MST)?
  • ... want valuable practical experience e.g. in an excellently equipped clean room?
  • ... would like to facilitate your professional entry into industry and research through additional qualifications?

     →   The Master Research Group MST-M offers you the chance!

The Master Research Group MST-M (microsystem technology for materials research) enables students to work on their master thesis in the field of microsystems technology for materials research. Your master thesis benefits from the supervision of a doctoral scientist who has several years of experience in project management in industry and science and passes it on with great enthusiasm. Independent work, e.g. also in the clean room, specifically promoted and supported by structured support. In addition, interactive seminars are offered, which impart interdisciplinary topics to the students and thus promote successful work.

At the same time, participation requires the completion of an MST master's thesis at MDI. You can find information on this here.

Successful participation in the Master Research Group MST-M is confirmed by a certificate.

For questions please contact Dr. rer. nat. Sigurd Thienhaus.