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The MDI Chair is one of the leading facilities for high-throughput materials research and develops new multifunctional materials by using combinatorial coating processes and high-throughput characterization methods. Unique experimental facilities are available for this purpose. One focus is the discovery of sustainable materials for the energy systems of the future, characterized on the one hand by high performance and on the other hand by the use of chemical elements with low toxicity and high availability, avoiding the use of conflict materials.


Student Workers

At the chair MDI - Materials Discovery and Interfaces we are looking for new student workers once in while work on projects and for general chair tasks.

Laboratory activities include the fabrication of thin films using magnetron sputtering and their subsequent characterization such as using EDX (energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy) to analyze composition, XRD 
(X-ray diffraction) to study crystal structure, film thickness measurement, electrical resistivity measurements, etc..

We are also working on software developmemt proects. Preferably Python, for software projects in the for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, is used at our chair.

In the context of a job with us, independent and responsible work is expected from you, in which you will of course be actively supported by our staff.
In addition, we expect good English skills and knowledge of Office applications.

Attending the lectures of Prof. Ludwig is helpful, but not mandatory.

Unsolicited applications including a complete CV are always welcome under

We are currently looking for a student worker in the field of materials informatics (8h/week): Open Position Student Worker Materials Informatics