Alan Savan, M.Sc.

Alan Savan, M.Sc.

Room: IAN 01/03
Phone: +49 (0)234-32-29398


Alan Savan studied electrical engineering and materials science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) in Cambridge, USA and graduated in 1980 with bachelor's degrees in both fields. In 1982 he earned his master's degree as an engineer of materials science at Stanford University. Subsequently, he works for the company Plasma-Therm inc. in the area of reactive ion etch (RIE) and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). In 1983 he joined Vaian Associates in Palo Alto, California as a process development engineer for physical vapor deposition (PVD). In 1986, he moved to the Dutch department of Varian Benelux in Amsterdam, where he continued his work on the process control of PVD and CVD processes. After starting his work at the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) in 1990 and further work on micro- and nanostructured materials, in 2004 he joined the research group for combinatorial material research of Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Ludwig.


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