Dr. rer. nat. Aurelija Mockuté

Dr. rer.-nat. Aurelija Mockuté

Room: IAN 00/02
Phone: +49 (0)234-32-25484


Dr. Aurelija Mockute graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Vilnius University, Lithuania, in 2007 and Master’s degree in Materials Science and Nanotechnology in 2008 from Linköping University, Sweden, where she also obtained Ph.D. in Materials Science in particular Thin Film Physics with Thesis “Synthesis and Characterization of New MAX Phase Alloys” in 2014. Afterwards, she worked as a Postdoc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, where she investigated magnetic MAX phases with neutron scattering techniques. Dr. Mockute joined the chair Materials Discovery and Interfaces in August 2019. Her research focuses on combinatorial synthesis of novel nanolaminated phases. 


A. Mockute, Q. Tao, M. Dahlqvist, J. Lu, S. Calder, E.N. Caspi, L. Hultman, J. Rosen (2019)
Materials synthesis, neutron powder diffraction, and first-principles calculations of (MoxSc1-x)2AlC i-MAX phases used as parent material for MXene derivation
Physical Review Materials 3 113607, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.3.113607

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Chemistry of Materials 31(7) 2476–2485, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.8b05298

A. Mockute, J. Palisaitis, N. Nedfors, P. Berastegui, E. Broitman, B. Alling, L.-Å. Näslund, L. Hultman, J. Patscheider, U. Jansson, P.O.Å. Persson, J. Rosen (2019)  
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A. Mockute, J. Palisaitis, B. Alling, P. Berastegui, E. Broitman L.-Å. Näslund, N. Nedfors, J. Lu, J. Jensen, L. Hultman, J. Patscheider, U. Jansson, P.O.Å. Persson, J. Rosen (2017)  
Age hardening in (Ti1-xAlx)B2+Δ thin films  
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Magnetically driven anisotropic structural changes in the atomic laminate Mn2GaC
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A. Mockute, M. Dahlqvist, L. Hultman, P.O.Å. Persson, J. Rosen (2013)
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